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The Republican Women Lead PAC was founded by the nine republican women legislators in the Utah State Legislature in 2021. In Utah, 25% of state legislators are female; however, just 9% (9/104) are Republican women. In a supermajority Republican state, there is value in having more female conservative voices at the table. Nationally, the percentage of Republican women serving in state legislatures is 9% - the same today as in 1995. In comparison, Democrat women now make up 20% of state legislatures around the country. Just two Republican women have ever held statewide elected office in Utah, Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson and former Governor Olene Walker. Utah has never elected a female Republican Governor. Two female Republican members of the House of Representatives from Utah have served in Congress, but no Senators.

To encourage more conservative women to run for office, the nine Republican state legislators have launched the Republican Women Lead PAC to recruit, train, mentor, and provide financial resources for Republican women running for all levels of elected office in the state.

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